To ensure your jewellery lasts it is advisable to keep them in a jewellery box, preferably separate to all other types of metals and alloys.

Whilst wearing the jewellery do not have a shower or bath, spray any liquids (perfumes/deodorants/sprays/ hairspray or similar) near or on the product. This can discolour the metal or change the colour of the stones and even loosen them. This will invalidate the terms for a faulty product and we will not refund or exchange the items. You will be liable to pay for any repairs to the item.

Sterling silver jewellery can be polished using a polish cloth for it to remove any tarnish. Please note that tarnishing on silver is a natural process and is not faulty.

Store jewellery ideally a jewellery box prefably in individual compartments to avoid items getting tangled up. 

Take care with fabric products by not getting them wet, as most are hand printed and this can cause the colour to come away. Please follow the care labels that are given with each of the fabric items.