About Us

Loves jewellery, accessories, finding and sourcing handmade one-off pieces.

Vins Boutique is a company, which is fairly small, but has a huge passion for jewellery that is sophisticated and stylish for all.

We hope to slowly expand Vins Boutique so that we are able to span our collections of jewellery and accessories for women, men and children.

We have a keen eye for good design and try our very best to source product ranges as well as individual pieces exclusively handpicked by Vins Boutique.

Currently we stock a range of jewellery from costume jewellery to sterling silver and Swarovski crystal jewellery which has been carefully selected. We also stock individual handmade pieces of jewellery and accessories. Each and every piece is individual and so Vins Boutique can guarantee that this will be unique and individual to you.

Whether you are treating yourself or looking for a gift for family or friends we can help you find something at Vins Boutique.

Vins Boutique - about us